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At the law office of Michael R. Morrison, Attorney at Law, you can be confident that your legal matter will be handled with competence and care. We are committed to providing the quality legal representation you require.

Each case at our firm is personally managed by Michael R. Morrison, a knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer who has been serving clients in the areas of bankruptcy, family law, estate planning and probate for more than 15 years. In addition to his vast legal experience, Mr. Morrison also has a strong financial background, having earned an MBA from Seattle University.

Mr. Morrison will take time to listen to you, understand your legal needs and provide the tailored legal services you require. Throughout your case, he will work closely with you to provide highly personalized legal representation.

Because we understand that many people find it difficult to afford experienced legal representation, we also place an emphasis on cost efficiency. Attorney Michael R. Morrison offers flat fees on many legal services to make his services accessible to people in need of legal representation.

We are located in Silverdale, Washington. To schedule a consultation, call 360-613-5077 or contact us by e-mail.

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