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Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy. Often described as a debt liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 7 provides powerful debt relief. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will completely discharge credit card debt, medical bills and most other types of consumer debt. Its purpose is to enable people who are struggling with unmanageable debt the opportunity to obtain a fresh start.

While you must qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most of the people who contact our office do qualify for Chapter 7 relief. For those who do not, they often qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief.

To learn more, contact the law office of Michael R. Morrison, Attorney at Law in Silverdale, Washington. Attorney Michael R. Morrison has helped thousands of clients in bankruptcy and debt relief matters. We handle Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases on behalf of individuals and small-business owners.

Put an End to Your Debt Worries

You do not have to live under constant stress due to debt challenges. Many of the people who visit our office express that they feel a great weight have been lifted from their shoulders after meeting with attorney Michael R. Morrison and learning more about their options. They feel a renewed sense of hope after learning that debt relief is available.

Get Relief From Creditor Harassment

When we file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition with the court, an automatic stay order will go into effect which will temporarily halt most creditors from taking any further collection activity against you, including wage garnishments, auto repossession, home repossession, collection calls and other adverse creditor actions.

Minimum Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

We have provided below some information about the Chapter 7 process. We can discuss the process further during your free 30-minute consultation. Steps in the process include:

  1. Get a certificate of counseling from an approved agency.
  2. Complete the bankruptcy forms.
  3. Provide certain documents, to be sent to trustee.
  4. File the case and pay fees.
  5. Receive the notice from the bankruptcy court (about 10 days after filing).
  6. Attend a 341 creditors’ meeting and answer questions (will be assigned to be held about five weeks after filing).
  7. Get a certificate of debtor education from an approved provider.
  8. Receive discharge of dischargeable debts (issued about 70 days after creditors’ meeting).
  9. Case closes when the trustee has completed his or her tasks.

Let us put our experience to work for you. Attorney Michael R. Morrison works closely with each of his clients to provide knowledgeable representation and quality client service.

Contact a Bremerton Debt Relief Attorney

We represent clients throughout Jefferson, Kitsap, Clallam and Mason counties in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. If you need to speak with a Silverdale Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, we are pleased to offer a free 30-minute consultation. If possible, please bring the forms listed on our bankruptcy page with you to your consultation.

For assistance, call 360-613-5077 or contact us by e-mail. Evening and weekend consultations are available by appointment.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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