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The outcome of a divorce can have a significant impact on your parental and financial rights. With so much at stake, it is important to have highly qualified legal counsel.

You can find the experienced legal representation you require at the law office of Michael R. Morrison, Attorney at Law. We represent clients throughout Kitsap and Jefferson counties in contested and uncontested divorce cases. We handle all issues that may arise in your divorce, including:

Each case at our firm is personally managed by Michael R. Morrison, a knowledgeable divorce lawyer with more than 15 years of legal experience. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Morrison, contact our law office in Silverdale, Washington.

Specializing in the Representation of Men

While we have represented many women in divorce cases, we also place a strong emphasis on the representation of men. We understand that many men fear that their parental and financial rights will not be protected in their divorce. Men involved in heated custody battles may also face false allegations of abuse or misconduct. We fight for all of our clients and work hard to protect their rights. We are also mindful of the value of resolving cases as amicably and cost efficiently as possible.

Proactive Problem Solver and Skilled Trial Lawyer

As an experienced divorce lawyer, Michael R. Morrison understands that disputes about property division, child custody and other contested matters can often become acrimonious. Rather than inflaming potentially contentious matters, he seeks to resolve disputes as efficiently and amicably as possible, while fully safeguarding his clients’ rights.

As a result of his creative and proactive approach to dispute resolution, Mr. Morrison has helped many of his clients avoid the time, stress and cost of protracted litigation. When disputes may not be resolved by negotiation, mediation and other forms of alternate dispute resolution, Mr. Morrison has the trial experience necessary to be a strong advocate for his clients in the courtroom.

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We represent clients throughout Kitsap and Jefferson counties in divorce and family law matters. If you need to speak with a Silverdale divorce attorney, we are pleased to offer a free 30-minute consultation. For assistance, call 360-613-5077 or contact us by e-mail.

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